27 August 2014

Day 14: Uji

Day 14: Fushimi Inari, Kyoto

Uji is a small town located just few minutes away from Kyoto by train and apparently always be an under-shadow of big city Kyoto where most tourists has not yet discovered Uji's charms.  But this tiny town is actually very famous with their green tea produces and the classic Tale of Genji that took place in Uji as well.  Few other places that you need to visit while you were here, such as the historic Uji bridge, Byodoin Temple, and last but not least astonish-looking of Uji River.  Also, along the omotesando or the narrow street back to station do not forget to stop by and indulge in one of the dessert shop and sample their popular hot matcha tea which is usually accompanied with some little sweets.

A public post box in Uji shaped as tea caddy

The Tale of Genji

Uji Bridge

Matcha or Green Tea Ice Cream

Uji River

Hot Matcha Tea and Sweet

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