23 April 2014

Day 7: On The Way Back To Tokyo

Day 6: Shabu Shabu Dinner at Kokuya Ryokan

Before we were leaving, Erico gave us the rice balls and pickles packed for us to have for our journey back to Tokyo. 

We made a quick stop at Nagano station to change the train to Tokyo.  I saw this long queue in front of the Oyaki stand, I won't missed that for sure.  Although, there is no english there, I was just betting our luck, point to what I think it would be yummy Oyaki.  Ehm.....  They really were good snacks.  Oyaki is like Japanese pan-fry dumpling with meat or vegetables filling.

Oyaki 130yen/each

Chestnut delicacies 390yen
 This tiny haven is the most expensive little snacks that I ever seen around this Nagano perfectures.  Very mysterious inside the closed can but we so curiously want to try it.  It was sticky chestnut paste and a couple of whole soft chestnut as well.  This is the delicacies in this region.  They taste alright, but I think one is enough for me.

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Japan:
Day 7: Asakusa, Tokyo

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