08 March 2014

Day 1: Namja Town, Ikebukuro

Day 1: Harajuku and Shibuya


Some random takoyaki shop in Ikebukuro station.  Very huge and plump takoyaki that full of flavour.  It is then topped with scrambled egg and heaps of mayo and sauce.  Absolutely mouth-watering little snacks.

Namja Town, Ikebukuro

One of the so many food theme park in Tokyo is this Gyoza Stadium in Namja Town, Sunshine City, Ikebukuro.  They are selling plenty type of Gyoza or Japanese dumpling, from fried to steamed dumpling, from meat, cheese to vegetarian dumpling.  Some unusual one too like Takoyaki Gyoza as well.

The best from what we got tonight  is definitely the Cheese Gyoza.  Gyozas here, cost roughly about ¥300-¥500 per serve.  Nice for sharing with someone as we can try more flavours.

In this amusement park, not only food they offer but also the park that full of fun such as arcade games, a haunted house, small rides and attractions.  However, they are all in Japanese, it would be so much better if they translate it in English, wouldn't it?   

Namja Town
Second floor of Sunshine 60
Ikebukuro's Sunshine City Mall

Entry fee: ¥500 or ¥2,900 for entry and unlimited rides

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