05 February 2014

Lord Jim's - Bangkok (Part 3)

Culinary Journey - Bangkok (Part 2)

Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Bangkok

Thai people loves their buffet and so do I.  Partly because of that, makes me love to come to this country.  In Bangkok, I can say more that 50% of restaurants are serving buffet from sushi, BBQ to traditional Thai food.  Range from a very cheap cheap buffet to the luxury and expensive one.

Today, we are in the mood for the luxury-type buffet, so we picked Lord Jim's in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Bangkok.  It costs ฿1,500 (about $53) per person with drink is not included.  Sounds a bit too expensive for buffet in Asian country but you know what, it is worth it and the food is so much enjoyable.  They use high quality produces, prepare them carefully, beautifully served on the plate and expect to get 5 star service here.

Lord Jim's

Salad and Sauces

Ice sculpture and Cooked Prawns
Fresh Sashimi

Bread, Cheese and Cold Meat section

Roast Meat section

Stir-Fry section

Foie Gras

OMG!!!  This foie gras is the best of the best foie gras that I've ever eaten for sure.  The one that keeps tingling in my mind.  Foie gras here is superb quality and they cook it with some kind of sweet sauce that goes really well with it.  I think, I had about 10 pieces of these.  To have this much of foie gras alone in Australia would cost me more than the buffet price in here put together.  Worth it indeed!!!!

Tempura section

Dessert section
From all of the food here, this dessert section is the most I look forward into.  Never ending choices of sweet, from western-type dessert like Creme Caramel, Mousse, Creme Brulee, Tart, Macarons, chocolate fountain with fruits and biscuits to dip in, and so on and on.  For Thai-type sweet like Sticky Rice Mango, Khanom Sai Sai, Tako, Steamed Pumpkin with Custard, Lup Chup, variety of tropical fruits, and plenty more.  Their desserts are totally a winner.


Chocolate fountain and condiments

Tropical fruits

Level 1, Mandarin Oriental Hotel

Lunch buffet:
Monday, Wednesday - Friday 12:00pm - 2:30pm
Saturday 11:30am - 3pm
Sunday 11am - 3pm 
Cost: ฿1,500/pp (not include drink-only tea or coffee after meal)

Dinner buffet:
Monday, Wednesday - Sunday 7pm - 10:30pm

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