25 February 2014

Coffs Harbour (Part 3)

Coffs Harbour (Part 2)

Indian temple along the way

From Coffs Harbour takes about 3 hours to drive up to Byron Bay, the eastern most corner in Australia.  Famous with their surfing beaches.  The town itself more like a holiday town, full of tourists sunbathing and enjoying the nice sub tropical weather, also heaps of locals do so. 

Public toilet in the highway resting area

Fries & Garlic Aioli $7
Big chunk of fries, very crunchy and that garlic aioli was yumm.

Szechuan pepper and salt fried squid $15
Fishheads Ultimate Seafood Platter $79
A  big seafood platter consists of grilled champagne lobster, prawns, chilli & garlic calamari, steamed black mussels, natural oysters, crab, smoked salmon, chilled prawns.

Fish Heads
Jonson st, at main beach
Byron Bay

Ph: 02 6680 7632

Fruit Tart

Chocolate Eclair

L'Ultime Patisserie
3 Lawson Street, Byron Bay
Ph: 02 6685 5822

Drive a little further up to Byron Light House, very recommended if you are visiting Byron.  The view from track way up to the light house is amazing, especially in the nice sunny day like this. 

Byron Light House
1 Lighthouse Road
Byron Bay

Stay tuned for the next blog still in Coffs Harbour:

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