19 February 2014

Coffs Harbour (Part 1)

It took us about 10 hours relaxing drive up to the north coastal city, Coffs Harbour, about 540 km north of Sydney.  On the way, we made a short stop at a random town with nice view (pict below) having our take away breakfast.  Then continue abit further and had our little snack at Fredo Pies.  If you drive along pacific highway, you definitely won't miss this famous pie shop.  They serve great range of savoury and sweet pies.  Not forget to mention, you also can find the strange pies like crocodile or emu meat pie in there.

Fredo Pie

Fredo Pies and Ice Creams
75 Macleay Street

Ph: 02 6566 8226

'The Big Banana' is one of the Coffs Harbour's icon to not be missed to be photographed.  It is actually a theme park with lots of rides, attractions and water park as well.  I've never had a chance to visit inside though, but seems "A whole bunch of fun" in there.

Saturday market at the Park Beach South

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