09 July 2012

Khum Khantoke, Chiang Mai - Day 4 (Part 2)


After spending two full nights in the beautiful cool Pai city, we headed back to Chiang Mai where more and more exciting trip awaited.  Straight from the airport, we stopped by at this authentic Thai restaurant along the Nimman Hemin Road for our lunch

Clockwise from top left: Kanom Pang Na Moo (Crispy Pork Toast), Rad Nah Kai (Rice Noodle with Chicken and Gravy), Kanom Jeen Gaeng Kiew Wan Kai (Chicken Green Curry with Thai Rice Vermicelli), and Khao Rad Nah (Chicken with gravy on steamed rice)
Rad Nah is actually my all time favourite dish.  When Thai people don't know what to order in the Tham Sang (made to order) restaurant, they usually will either go for Khao Pad Khra Pao Kai (Stir-fry Chicken with basil) or Moo Kratiam (Garlic pork) but me the dish I would order in spontaneously is definitely this Rad Nah dish.  But what I usually know, Rad Nah is the noodle dish that comes with your choice of meat and served with gravy on the rice noodle, in here they also come with steamed rice instead of the noodle which they called Khao Rad Nah. Surprisingly, it taste pretty good too, especially when it comes with sunny side up egg, how couldn't it be nice??

For the Crispy Pork Toast, the small squared bread topped with minced pork then deep fried to crunchy bits and served with spicy, sweet and slightly tangy sauce, no argue, it is very very delicious.  All the dishes served here were very authentic and delectable as well.

Nimman Hemin is a popular street in Chiang Mai for their trendsetter, boutique shops and a heaven road for foodies.  I spotted this patisserie shop along the road in one of the corner of the block, namely Mont Blanc.  I can stay there for hours and hours just by looking at their cake showcase.  Great range of cute and attractive looking cakes and most of them comes in individual serve.  If I wasn't in rush catching on with the tour schedule, I would have one of everything, I guess!!! 

Top: Strawberry Mousse and Choc Cream  ฿65 (about $2.30) and Bottom: Kuzumaccha  ฿42 (about $1.50)
I only tried two pieces of their cakes, the Strawberry mousse was really smooth and an excellent combination between the tangyness from strawberry and the sweetness of chocolate cream.  Whilst Kuzumaccha is more wobbly jelly-like pudding, with red bean paste underneath and sweet dumpling hidden inside the maccha jelly and topped with something creamy that I can't really figure it out.  Taste was hmmm... sadly forgettable. 

Nimmanhemin Soi 2,
Chiang Mai, Thailand 
Ph: +66 53 210776

Open daily 8:30am-10pm.

Rati Lanna Resort was our home for two nights while we're in Chiang Mai and we ultimately enjoyed staying in this hotel.  Beside the world-class services and precious hotel room, their price is fairly reasonable too!!!  Highly highly recommended.. 

The room is very simple yet luxury with spacious bathroom and hughhh balcony.  The best from all is their ensuite, where they got another flat TV screen and next to the bath tub, you have your own beautiful tiny indoor fountain making you let loose and indulge the fine pleasure of pampering.  Lying there in warm-bath tub is more relaxing and calming than sleeping on the bed.  But it doesn't mean that the bed is uncomfortable though.  Totally love it .. Love it!!!!

Top: A couple enjoying their breakfast at outdoor pavilion
They have a few number of restaurants within the resort and two of their restaurants are set overlooking the Ping River with a choice of indoor or outdoor seating where you can just sit back and relax, watching the calming river flows by.  Even much better experience, if you could try the Cruise dining along the Ping river on the Thai traditional boat for a romantic moment.

Rati Lanna Riverside Spa Resort, Chiang Mai
33 Changklan Road, Muang
Chiang Mai
Ph: +66 53 999 333

Khantoke dinner is basically enjoying the local Lanna Hill tribe cultural dance and music performances while sampling the traditional Northern Thai delicacies that will assuring you a very special memorable evening.  Modern Khantoke was actually invented over 30 years ago by a well-known businessman and Lanna Thai scholar Kraisri Nimmanhaeminda to honour the special guests and nowadays is become more and more famous for tourist.  The one we had is the Khum Khantoke which is located in Mueang district of Chiang Mai on Nong Pakrung Road, it's an outdoor venue.
This show is taking place in the cool and dark evening after sunset in the midst of candlelight and lanterns.  You have choices of sit either at the tables or on the floor.  The diners often enjoy more the experience of sitting crossleged on the floor as it quite comfortable where the plump cushions and back rests provided and there is plenty of leg room so you won't be kicking other guests. 

The set of classical Lanna food is served on the low-set tray, atop short pillars, on which various shared dishes are presented.  The dishes will most probably be Gai Tod (Deep-fried Chicken), Nam Phrik Ong (Northen Thai chilli dip with minced pork and tomato, which is my favourite) served along with steamed vegetables or fresh cucumber slices and Northern Thai favourite, Kaap Moo (Pork Crackling), still more of Gaeng Hung Lay (Northern style Pork Curry) and of course all accompanied with a large bowl of steamed rice or sticky rice.  On top of them, a light dessert like Kluay Kaek (Sweet Bananas Fritters, which is the best from all) along with fresh fruits and drinks were also served.  The waitress has been attentively serving and refilling the empty dishes, while you enjoying the dance performances including a Candle dance, Sword dance, Faun Tee, Hilltribe dance, Drum dance and traditional Lanna-style Ramwong and Khon (an exciting and elegant Thai drama-dancing).  Your evening enjoyment not end only that, you'll be entertained by the musician playing easy-listen music throughout the evening.

Apparently, this is one of the MUST-DO activities while you're there and some people might say that "You haven't been to Chiang Mai, if you don't try the Khantoke-style dinner."

Set of food from Khantoke dinner show 

Once the dinner show wrapped up and visitors starting to leave, we get a chance to launch a giant Kome Loy lantern, a kind of hot air balloon.  It's kind of believe to float away the worries into the dark night sky. Hopefully, they will feel the easing of their hearts as all Thais do when they light up to heaven with these cleverly designed lanterns that carry their cares away.

Complimentary Chocolate 'Honeymoon' cake with chocolate macaroon from Rati Lanna resort

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