09 December 2011

Cairns Tropical Zoo

Today, its time for fun furry fluffy day in the zoo...  As I had mentioned earlier that our hotel package is included with this return transfer and the entry fee to the zoo as well.  So no need to worry of anything.  Just put on my pair of comfy shoe and I am ready to explore the world of animal.  Not gonna be too much talking in this blog and let's the pictures do the talk.  Agree!!!!  Save me some times too mhua.. hahahaha...



Sandwiches and Latte @ Koala Cafe


Funny story...  I'd been following this peacock from his back but he just didn't want to flares out his feathers and I was thinking "will I have a chance to see it?"  After that I saw he jumped in to the Kangaroos walkabout, with a few tourists were taking a photo of those lazy sleepy kangaroos there.  Suddenly, the peacock just flares out his feathers right in the middle of everyone...  He stole the scene....  Show off little boy!!!!!!!


I really enjoyed this bird show...  It's more alive and closer to us as they flying around us from one corner to the other.  That's why zoo keeper mentioned earlier that we have to be there about 5 minutes before the show started and keep seated otherwise we may hit some of flying birds.

Black Cockatoo and Owl

Fearful Eagle


Smart little bird...  He picked up the coin and put it in the money box for donation

.. Wedding Chapel

The Ring-tailed Lemur. Guess how many rings are there???

Red Panda

The zoo here in Cairns is much much smaller in size comparing with Taronga zoo but the numbers of Koala here is way much more, we spotted the awaken koala quite alot today, so lucky, normally they all sleeping fat on the branch..  Plus, we are able to hug them while taking some photos as well..  I think (can't remember now) it cost around $16 per person for one animal, they also have crocodile and snakes too.

The sexiest sleeping style

Chubby Aligator

Mommy and baby Joey

Feeding Kangaroo

My most favourite bird... Galah
This is one of the cutest bird beside Kookaburra, which like the Sulphur-crested Cockatoo.  They have a nice pink colour on the chest with the grey wings, very short and chubby... 

Grilled Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato and Cheese Sandwich from Koala Cafe

As we all know, in the touristy place like this, they don't usually have a really good place to eat, so just fill up our tummy with a bit of food to avoid getting fade...  then keep our tummy for later mission when we back to city!!!!

That's all folks for the zoo trip and I will see you guys again in next blog for dinner cruise and so on...
So, Octie Appetie....

Keep on reading for the 3rd day in Cairns (part 2):


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