03 July 2011

Day 5 - Seoul Tower & Namsan Village

I'm not too sure with the name of this tiny chic restaurant located somewhere around Myeong Dong market in the small alley. Because this morning we just got lost while we went looking for breakfast and we were like.. "Ok turn here then lets turn there", but its not that far from the Ibis hotel roughly about 10 minutes walk (say that if we know the way). I believe, you won't miss the shop if you walk pass them. They have this big-smiling mouth wood sculpture in front of the shop with tiny door next to it and the shop full of colourful sticky note and pictures.. 

Top: Kimbap KRW2,000(AU$1.80) for 6 pieces and
 Bottom: Pickled Radish and Kimchi - complimentary side dish

Jjajangmyun (Korean style noodles with black bean sauce)

I've grown up with the handmade noodle of my grandma so I always respect the local shop that made their own noodle.This dish looked so appetizing. The noodle was fresh (that's the main reason why I like handmade noodle) and also chewy. We had a good meal this time and not that full so we can hunting another victim.

Deli Manjoo
Myeong Dong Station, Subway Line No.4

Deli Manjoo KRW2,000/9pcs (about AU$ 1.80)

We just can't get enough of them. Really nice snacks on the go. Corn-shaped soft sponge cake filled with warm creamy custard. The exact same thing with the custard egg puff that we have in OZ (Chinatown and Cabramatta, the one I know that selling). However, unlike the custard puff in Korea, the one in Sydney the filling is always too hot and its just burst out on your mouth.

Seoul Tower

Locks of Love in N Seoul Tower

The locks hanging on the fences are placed by couples to represent their everlasting love. The keys are then thrown away as an assurance the sweethearts' vows will never be separated...

Bungeoppang (Korean Fish Shaped Pastry) KRW2,000/2pcs (about AU$ 1.80)

Another Korean snack, this time was the fish shaped pastry filled with sweet red bean paste. The Bungeoppang stall can be seen all over the streets of Seoul baking and one of the them is situated in the entrance of Namsangol Hanok Village. Apparently, the person's character can be evaluated depending on of  the way you eat your bungeoppang. Of course, it is only a fun character analysis.

Bungeoppang Character Analysis (source from: http://www.visitkorea.or.kr)
Eats head first: An easy-going optimist, unconcerned with trivial things. Says whatever comes to mind, is passionate, but the passion can dwindle easily.
Eats tail first: Cautious. A romanticist concerned with the smallest things; is slow in catching onto other’s feelings.
Eats stomach first: Masculine, active, bright, and outgoing.
Eats fins first: Temperamental and childish. A loner.
Cuts it in half and eats the tail first: Polite, good at saving money, and a rationalist.
Cuts it in half and eats the head first: Strong willed who goes through with a plan once it is decided. Stingy, and does not like to lend money.

So which one are you??

Namsangol Hanok Village


Vending machine

Pre wedding photo shoot

Seoul Station

We stopped at Seoul KTX station on the way back to buy the ticket to Busan for the next day. Best way to buy the ticket in advance as it will guarantee your seating. It costs us KRW 49,200 pp (about AU$ 44.70)/for one way ticket from Seoul to Busan with KTX train (a Korean version of Shinkansen).

To get around in Seoul with subway we can use a rechargeable card. Like an Octopus card in Hong Kong, here in Korea they call it T-Money. My successful weapon at all time is acting confuse whenever I need help in Korea, then promptly someone will come offering help to us. This time was when we were in subway station and wanna buy the T-Money, one of the subway staff came over and did all of them for us from the ticket machine. With T-Money, first we need to pay KRW3000 for the card itself then we can recharge for either KRW1000, 5000, 10000, and so on. You look about KRW900 for a one way trip. However, unlike in Hong Kong, here they will deduct the money at the beginning when you get in to the gate because the fare is the same for one way trip.

Donuts with Cream Cheese filling, Sticky Rice (mochi) filling, and Classic Chocolate @ Seoul KTX train station

Korean Duck, Myeong Dong

This restaurant is a little too pricey ... probably because the location wise or maybe... just maybe they noticed that we are tourist.

Rice Wine

Top: Duck Fillet KRW 25,000 (about AU$22.70) and Bottom: Beef Fillet KRW 35,000 (AU$ 31.80)

Kimchi Jjigae about KRW10,000 (about AU$9.10)

We always see those aprons hung in most of the restaurants in Korea. At first we wonder why and what would be the reason behind that. Then once we saw the Korean who just walked in to the restaurant grabbed one of them and simply put it on like their routine, then we were like enlighted ..but then we thought it was kinda a bit too late to go and grab one since we almost half way through our meal. Yeahh awkward..

So we decided to left that for the next time. After that until the end of our trip in Korea, we somehow still hadn't got a single chance to wear one cos we just kept on forgetting. Haha... What a shame.

From Myeong Dong station, walk toward the Myeong Dong Gyoja Branch 1, this BBQ restaurant is located just a few shops before Myeong Dong Gyoja Branch 1 on the same alley.
So, Octie-Appetie....

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